From Passion to Compassion


It all started with an understanding that we should be passionate about something, something which drives us towards our core, where we do not feel as if we are working, but as if we are living.

When we start observing the life around us deeply, we understand that we influence it. We understand the importance of compassion towards all the life around us.

We are not living in a world of individuals, we are living in a living cosmos, where we are a very small part of a very big picture.

It’s very important to preserve this planet for ourselves and future generations. We need to conduct an audit of our actions and analyse if we are making the life around us better or miserable.

When we speak about life, we include everything from a tree, an insect, a grasshopper, a dog, a cow, a bird, a fish to a human being. We do have human rights, but we should also have plant rights, insect rights, animal rights, etc. They have all come here to experience life, and we have no right to take it away. They need to be given the space, the resources and everything required for their well-being.

The way the human population and our activities are growing, other living beings are finding it difficult to find space for themselves. They do not even get the resources required for their survival. The cows, when they are of no use, are left unattended, and they just roam in the city, finding it very difficult to survive.

PM Modi Feeds Punganur Cows

We have built some Gaushalas where such cows are taken care of, but many others still need help. Similar is the story of the street animals, birds and other living beings coexisting with us. We need to be compassionate about them, and we should not lose any chance of taking care of them.

Punganur Cow: The world’s smallest and cutest cattle breed from India

We are filling our stomachs, but we should also fill the stomachs of less fortunate human beings, animals and birds around us. We need to be very conscious of their well-being. If all human beings took care of all the other living beings around them, then we would have a much better world to live in.

Let’s make this wonderful world a reality!

By Elysian Studios

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